The experience of four generations has made us an authority on delivering our produce to retail, foodservice and wholesale clients around the world. Our farming, harvesting, packing and cooling operations are all designed with the latest technology to ensure freshness from our farm to the dinner table.


Launched in 2006, this label is reserved for our organic and pesticide-free produce. Here our name is used to honor four generations of family dedication to the produce industry and to our commitment to environmentally sensitive farming practices.

Organic Products Available: Celery – Red, Green, and Black Kale - Red, Green, and Rainbow Chard- Collard Greens - Romaine - Green and Red Leaf Lettuce - Green and Red Butter Lettuce - Green Onions - Spinach - Beets - Cilantro - Italian Parsley - Curly Parsley -Red Cabbage - Green Cabbage - Cauliflower - Broccoli

Our oldest label, named for our great-grandfather W.H. Deardorff, is known throughout the produce industry for consistent quality and value.

Sustainably Grown Broccoli - Celery – Romaine – Red Leaf – Green Leaf - Red Cabbage -Green Cabbage