Our celery is field packed and immediately hydro-cooled and refrigerated to preserve its fresh crisp flavor our customers have relied on for generations. Ventura County has an ideal climate for celery production from November through June and for year-round supplies we have celery available from Salinas July through November. We offer many different pack styles and sizes to meet our customer’s needs.


All of our red and green cabbage, red and green leaf lettuce and romaine are grown, packed and shipped with the same attention to detail and quality as our renowned celery. With consistent availability from November through May, our customers count on us for their winter leaf supplies.


As Deardorff Family Farms transitions more acreage to organic production, our customers are seeing the same high standards for quality and freshness in every box as they’ve come to expect from us for over forty years. We offer a wide variety of products grown, packed and shipped under the strict USDA National Organic Program as certified by Quality Assurance International. We also offer NutriClean certified pesticide residue free products from our transitioning acreage. These third party certifiers ensure our customers are getting a genuine USDA Certified Organic product.

We also have partner growers in Northern CA and Mexico for portions of our season. This allows us a year-round supply of Certified Organic product.